Chicken and Chickpea Paella

2 teaspoons olive oil
5 sprigs fresh thyme leaves
3 chicken breasts 1 inch cubes
1 cup red pepper
2 cup shallots
28-ounce can diced san marzano tomatoes
3 tablespoon smoked paprika
2 cups bomba rice
7 cups reduced-sodium chicken broth
20 saffron threads
14 ounce can chickpeas, drained
1 bunch of flat leaf parsely chopped
Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste

Heat oil in a large paella pan or skillet over medium-high heat. Add thyme leaves and chicken breasts saute 10 minutes move to edge of pan. Add red peppers, shallots, tomatoes saute 10 minutes. Add rice, saffron and broth, reduce heat to medium-low cook until liquid is absorbed about 30-40 minutes. Add chickpeas and parsley with 15 minutes to cook.

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